In recent years we’ve seen a number of developments and advancements, such as responsive design, that have had a major impact on the web design industry. One of the most significant advancements has been improved options for using a greater variety of fonts in your web design projects. Google Web Fonts is one of the leading options, although there are others like Adone’s Typekit.

Google Web Fonts is free, easy to implement, and their are an increasing number of font families available. With currently more than 600 font families to choose from, finding the fight font available from Google Web Fonts can be a challenge. In this post we’re showcasing 25 that are worth a look. Browse through the fonts and you’ll probably find at least one that could be a good fit for that project that you are currently working on.


You can choose font for any text on your site from more than 100 fonts and you can preview fonts in the admin panel

  • Google fonts support
  • Font Face

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